The kitchen just got a little taller!

We've been in our home from just over two years now. It's been a beautiful blank canvas on which to layer those finishing touches that add our own uniqueness.  We've had fun adding lighting and furniture, family photos, wall decor, pillows and and and... Lately I've been calling this "feathering my nest". It's one of … Continue reading The kitchen just got a little taller!


At the last all-staff meeting held at work, the facilitator asked us to take a selfie - not posed, but as natural as possible while saying something to the person sitting next to us.  It was awkward - not gonna lie. Then, he posed a question to us.  "What is ONE word that you would … Continue reading Purpose.

What you believe about God.

How do I see myself?  Do I look in the mirror and see my faults, past sins, shame, guilt?  Do I look into the mirror, deep into the window of my soul through my eyes, and see the fingerprints of my Daddy God, Creator of the universe? Do I see Him in whose image I … Continue reading What you believe about God.

boulder vs. pebble.

I think that little pebbles in life can be like that.  They can be small and unassuming - nothing but a little pea gravel, but maybe it's for that very reason that they can be the unexpected catapult...

The 2018 update.

So, when I started put thoughts down on this blog (2012), I was in a pretty "in session" part of life.  I had recently left my spouse of 18 years for infidelity and felt released to go on with my life, figuring out what single looked like.  I accepted a promotion to a C-suite position … Continue reading The 2018 update.

Soul nourishment.

I'm so incredibly blessed to be enjoying a quiet weekend away with my love in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. He is attending a conference and I get to just enjoy the beauty of our surroundings. It's a good time to slow things down a little from the daily routine. A good time to journal, reflect, seek … Continue reading Soul nourishment.

Weekly spread – quick ‘n easy.

I felt like continuing the tropical leaves theme, and enjoy a cleaner spread, so the addition of the black and white washi tape (by @yoobi) was really fun.  It also made this week's spread a very quick layout. I started as usual by scanning pinterest and instagram for inspiration.  This week I found it @bulletjournalbymarieke.  … Continue reading Weekly spread – quick ‘n easy.