Me ‘n my girls.

What a weekend we had.  One for the memory files, for sure. It doesn’t happen very often, so when it does – it’s a treasure.  Two full days.  At a resort.  With my two beauties.  No boys allowed.


Me ‘N My Girls

Our friend Sarah helped us find a wonderful rate at a local resort so our big travel time was about 45 minutes.  (Sure beats driving for 6-7 hours to get anywhere else, IMHO!)

We stopped by our local mall – spent a solid amount of time looking through the treasures and finding a few objects our lives wouldn’t be complete without.  Mostly make-up related and a few summer dresses.  Of course.

The accommodations were just amazing.  Customer service was outstanding – and, I may or may not be a little bit hard to impress.  I really do believe that the employees were genuinely happy to be there and went out of their way to make the guests feel welcome and taken care of.  Our casita faced the pool area, but was far enough away that there was no noise to speak of.  {Well, maybe that had more to do with the fact that it was approximately 1000°(F) and most sane people go to the mountains to vacation this time of year.}

We were all looking forward to our getaway!  We had loaded up our creativity-supplies – markers, pens, watercolors for the trip.  I had the need to get my creative on.  I loved every minute of it – geeking out over the recent discovery of #bulletjournaling #bujo (apparently, I do live under a rock) and #biblejournaling!  I took advantage of the down-time to binge watch YouTube videos of experienced #bujo-ers.  Some are SO elaborate while others are simple and utilitarian.  I am probably in the middle somewhere on that scale.  I love to be creative, but most of the time, I don’t have the TIME so rather than do NOTHING AT ALL, I am opting for a simpler approach, with a small amount of sketching.  I’m also learning to hand-letter; picking back up the basic beginner skills of calligraphy I learned from my Aunt Miriam years ago.  She is a legit pro, y’all.

We also found time for a little pampering.  This weekend’s choices were two-fold: spray tanning, and pedicures.  We pale girls really do NOT look like we live full-time in Arizona; more like we only come out at night and are frightening by the sun.  We decided we needed to look a little more bronze and found a spray tanning place on Yelp with good reviews near where we were staying.  So, I texted the business at 11pm and got a quick response from the owner and bam! We had appointments for the next morning.   We showed up, got the run-down, answered a list of twenty questions, signed away our first-born children and, one by one, we went in to get hosed down – er, I mean spray tanned.   So, what did I learn about spray tanning??  Super glad you asked.  Well, I learned a few things.  I learned that when it’s approximately 1000°(F), and you get a spray tan, you feel sticky.  Sticky like the lotion you put on eight hours ago won’t dry.  For eight straight hours, ladies.  Sticky like a mother nature.  I learned that you can’t shower off said spray tan for forever (well, forever meaning 8-10 hours), or the processing of the spray tan will be interrupted.  I also learned that you wear DARK colors when getting a spray tan that you may not shower off from for all day when it’s 1000°(F) because if you wear WHITE clothes, you end up with bronzing streaks from where you couldn’t possibly keep your arms from touching your shirt, shorts, shoes, car seat, linens… I also learned that a shower can actually feel like nirvana at the end of the eight hours of sticky.  I learned that I really do enjoy looking a little bit tan, but that when someone sees you and her first comment is, “Wow, you are really tan!”, maybe the spray tanner didn’t read your choice to have a LIGHT tan.

He he he… It was all just so fun – sticky spray tan and all.  Know why?  My girls.  They are so fun, growing up so fast, learning how to adult… and, we had a great time making memories together.  We decided to make it an annual thing.  So, yep – it’s a thing now.  Minus the spray tan.



Yummy dip trio – we really liked the onion one and the avacado-hummus best. The hibiscus was fun to try, but we just didn’t love it. (Check out Maddie’s new birks.)


Well, we ate this caprese flatbread before I remembered to photo it. It was delish.


The Onyx Lounge @ #FourSeasonsScottsdale


What. Churros. Dipped. In. Hot Fudge. Yes.


Get your creative juices flowing girls!








Ready to go out!


PROOF at the #FourSeasonsScottsdale was amazing! Have a little coffee with your cream, will you?










Sister Love


Beauty of the desert…


Sweet welcome note from our friend Sarah… and some yummy healthy snacks too! #FourSeasonsScottsdale




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