Weekly spread – quick ‘n easy.

I felt like continuing the tropical leaves theme, and enjoy a cleaner spread, so the addition of the black and white washi tape (by @yoobi) was really fun.  It also made this week’s spread a very quick layout.

I started as usual by scanning pinterest and instagram for inspiration.  This week I found it @bulletjournalbymarieke.  Her Dutch-door design (June 17th) was just the idea I needed.  The little bit of extra space on the Dutch-door I’m going to use for keeping my habit trackers and social media stats, and the back side I’m using to make sure that I am mindful to be grateful for something EVERY day.  I know that it keeps me in a better place if I keep that activity consistent.

I just started #bujo #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling.  I love it.  I cannot even explain what this has done for me but here are three major reasons why I love it:

  • It gives me a space for a much-needed creative outlet – my secret identity by day is HR professional in the public sector and currently, I am involved in policy.  Not so creative now, are we?  Hmmm?
  • The bullet journal provides me a completely creative space for, well – anything!  For a someone who has battled perfectionism, I’ve used this opportunity to simply GO FOR IT.  If I make a mistake, OH WELL!!!  I’m embracing it.  Doodling, brain dumps, collections, goal setting, monthly spreads, weekly spreads, journaling, idea-keepers, bucket list
  • I also am finding that a bullet journal actually fits my needs moreso than a traditional planner does.  I have used planners on and off for many years.  I kept going back to them, like that favorite sweatshirt that needs to be donated or turned into dust-cloths.  I don’t have to have a tab that is specifically for any ONE thing like a planner.  I have a lot of interests and want to keep a lot of different kinds of information, so with a bullet journal I can do that.

    There are just SO many people with amazing web/youtube content that I cannot even start to name them all.  But, I have to give a big thank you to one for sure.  The original.  Thank you, Ryder Carroll for giving us the bullet journal and the inspiration!  Go check this website out for the official info!


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