The kitchen just got a little taller!

We’ve been in our home from just over two years now. It’s been a beautiful blank canvas on which to layer those finishing touches that add our own uniqueness.  We’ve had fun adding lighting and furniture, family photos, wall decor, pillows and and and… Lately I’ve been calling this “feathering my nest”. It’s one of my favorite past times, in fact.

I’ve written one other post about inviting others in to our home and what a joy that is for both my sweet husband and I.  So, any chance I have to further the “nest feathering”, I jump! I really do love the process and opportunity of a home improvement project and also like to further the idea that we want our home to be inviting and for anyone who visits to feel special and welcomed.  It’s that practice-of-hospitality bug that I just can’t seem to shake, even though certain seasons of life see more visitors than others.

Right now, our most regular gatherings consistent of an amazing group of teenagers and young adults most Monday nights from an area high school.  They come to our home and just cut loose, dance, sing/scream at the top of their lungs and build relationships with their leaders and each other.  Love watching it all!

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Sooooo… to get to the most recent project we tackled…. the kitchen cabinets.  The homes in our community have some really tall ceilings and I felt that there was quite a lot of wall space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. Too much space. I thought that adding a stack of cabinets to the top of the existing upper cabinets as a decorative layer would be fun and functional. But, mostly fun. Here are some before and after cabinets. I wish I had the nerve to ask some of my neighbors to let me photograph their amazing kitchens too so you could see what they have each done.  Just beautiful choices, and each one so different!

I opted to go with glass fronts and added lighting.  It was a bit of a challenge to figure out what to put in the cabinets but it’s a start and there are unlimited possibilities of what to do in those spaces.  I chose to go with some really fun pieces of jadeite (a milky, green-colored glass), along with white and off white pieces that I already owned.  I found some fun small silk plants to fill in and feel that it’s enough without being overwhelming.

But, dang! These cabinets are TALL! Lol…




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